After working in Investment banking for over 10 years, I took a career break when my second daughter was born. I feel like this is now the right time for me to reflect not only on the beautiful moments I get to spend with my girls but also to share some of the amazing places I am lucky to visit. I was born in Paris, raised in Abidjan and currently live in London. On DABS, I will particularly share my Africa, the one where people are happy, bold, courageous and ridiculously optimistic no matter what life throws at them.

My friends and I frequently complain about the way Black people are portrayed in the media. Often, we are either desperate, poor or illiterate. In reality, many of us have interesting careers, love travelling to gorgeous places and are fortunate to lead lives that we work hard for. At the same time, we worry that our children might pick up on all this negative press and we consequently try to boost their self confidence by giving them the tools to succeed in this life that we fear might not always be fair to them. Obviously, this is not a blog about politics but my opinions will often transpire through my articles. I am a Feminist who believes strongly in girls’ education, women empowerment and diversity.

The purpose of DABS is not to flaunt expensive items or to show off. It is to share the beauty around us. The Black Snob is also a private joke with my husband, who labelled me a snob when we first met at university over fifteen years ago. Obviously he did not mean it as compliment…(we did not really fancy each other at first but that is another story for another day!). Since I like pretty things, hate uncomfortable beds and crowded flights, there might be some funny truth to it after all!

Finally, DABS was started  in loving memory of my friend Yasmine who left us too early and made me realize that nothing in this life matters more than Family, True Friends and making our Own Dreams come true.

Welcome to my world.