Prior to becoming a parent, I believe the only real photoshoot I ever did was at my wedding. This does not include a random fashion photoshoot during my twenties in Argentina…(not much to remember there!).

Since then, my husband and I did a maternity photoshoot and roughly two family photoshoots per year. I love beautiful pictures but I absolutely adore beautiful family pictures. They are the most gorgeous memories and considering how fast the baby phase went by, I am fairly certain that my girls will be teenagers before I have time to sneeze.

This brings me to the original point of this post. As a family, you NEED a family photographer. Here is why:

  • As mentioned before, those pictures will last a lifetime and will remind you of those beautiful days as a young family when your children were these smiley and chubby little people.
  • You will become more comfortable with your photographer as time goes by, and so will your children.
  • Sharing is caring: you will be able to use your beautiful pictures on your Christmas cards, birth announcements and to share them with your friends and families. We use L’Atelier Rosemood to print our cards but you can also make electronic cards.
  • Even though you will not use all the pictures for your cards, you can frame some or just share them on social media.
  • With time, your photographer will know your taste and what you care about. Our family photographer is the lovely Laila from Rock Your Love Photography. After working with us for three years now, she knows us very well and always delivers beautiful pictures for all our family events.
  • Your photographer will also know your loved ones since he/she will most likely attend all your family events such as baptism, birthdays etc. This means that you do not run the risk of having just one blurry picture of your mother or father at a family celebration because the photographer will have them confused with someone else (yes it happens, ask us we know!)
  • These souvenirs will provide you with great material at your children’s wedding parties (but you will still need the cheap embarrassing ones, otherwise where is the fun in that?!)
  • And finally, who knows? You might start a blog and find yourself sharing some of these amazing pictures!

Pictures: Rock Your Love Photography


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