I love travelling. I have been travelling my whole life and started out pretty young. I was born in Paris, moved to Cote d’Ivoire before I was two years old and kept travelling every summer to Europe or within the African continent.

So far, my children at the age of three and a half and almost one-year-old have had a decent number of stamps in their passport. Both have been to California, Singapore, Bali, Abidjan and several cities in France including Paris. My eldest has also been to Mauritius and Barcelona.

I remember a friend telling us at a dinner party just before our flight to California with our children aged almost 3 and 4 months old at the time that since having children they had not been beyond Tenerife (by choice, before someone jumps to my throat).

Honestly, I don’t think travelling with young children is that hard. Sure we looked like we were moving our whole house when we flew to Los Angeles with our three big suitcases, two car seats and hand luggage. But at the end of the day, we had the most amazing time, the weather was beautiful and it was one the best vacation I have ever had so yes it is a long flight and the jet lag is massive but if you are planning to travel don’t let the logistics discourage you. It is manageable!

We just got back from a 14-holiday in Asia. We stayed with our lovely friends J and C in Singapore for 3 days before flying to Bali for a week and coming back for 3 more days with them in Singapore. It was amazing!

I had never been to Singapore and simply loved it! J & C are lucky to have a live in nanny and we had an extra sitter to help since they have a toddler and 3 kids can be plenty! That place is fabulous with young children. There are lots of playgrounds, water play features and soft plays.  The zoo is also fantastic!

My friend J decided that Sundays would be “la journee des connards” ie “bastards’day” where we handed our kids to the nannies and spent some adult time together. Bliss!

We had the best Chinese food ever at Din Tai Fung, listened to a jazz concert in the Botanic Gardens (, had a yummy burger at Potato Head Folk (the brioche bun was everything and more!), enjoyed the great view at Level 33 while having dinner after listening to Japanese pianist Makoto Ozone and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

In Bali, we decided to go back to a hotel that we visited in 2009 BC (Before Children): The Intercontinental in Jimbaran. It is a coastal hotel just twenty minutes away from the airport with great service and a lovely kids club.

I am told that Jimbaran is not necessarily the most beautiful beach in Bali and that it can get quite dirty when it rains(it didn’t while we were there). You would have to head to Amed on the East side of the island for turquoise water and snorkelling but it is about two and a half hours away from the airport and for us that was just too long with the kids after a 3+ hour flight from Singapore. Our daughters had the best time at the Intercontinental and the kids club set of activities even made me want to be a kid again. My eldest built a kite, went fishing (she even actually caught a fish!), did lots of arts and crafts and made new friends while the parents ate too much and got some rest. Overall a fabulous Easter break and I now look forward to spending some time back in London.


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